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Guitar and Vocal


Hello and welcome to my music website. The above links connect to various examples of my musical output from the last twenty years. The pages contain recordings of me singing, playing the guitar, saxophone, recorder, cornamuse, whistle and keyboard and programming electronic instruments. Most of the tracks in these sections are cover versions of pop/rock songs, jazz standards and Cornish folk tunes. There are however, some original tunes in the saxophone section and the recordings in the electronic music section are all original compositions.

The summer of 2012 is proving to be a busy time: composing and performing (on solo sax and recorder) the music for the Sterts production of Hamlet, playing Cornish Dance tunes at Stuart House and in Westbourne Gardens for "Olympic Torch Day" and taking part in the 2012 Cultural Olympiad in Weymouth during the Olympic Games (sailing).

Some links:
Maritime Mix: Street Entertainers
Maritime Mix
Sterts Theatre
Hamlet: reviewed in the Western Morning News (it's quite a large pdf file).

Not a musical link, but relevant to Cornish Dance music a "Moorland Recorder Playing" video:
Cornish Mining World Heritage


There are some links below to my recordings, compositions and arrangements:

"Escape" was recorded (and "written") in April 2009 and relates to an escape to a softer World, and a "dreaming into the saxophone" approach.


Some recorder tunes and an arrangement:

Boscastle Breakdown and Calstock Step Dance
Sunny Corner
Delkiow Sevy

...and some electronic compositions

The Unreal McCoy
Luscious July


A link to a low quality, slightly surreal video shot on the moors near Minions (South East Cornwall).

Moorland Recorder Playing

If you've enjoyed the music I'll be pleased to hear from you.